Subtropical and Temperate Gardens in the Bay of Islands

Spanning 15 acres and lovingly cultivated over the past 35 years, Ngahuha Gardens was created as a welcome retreat from a busy world. 

Owners Peter and Gerry Milsom have carefully landscaped the garden as a ‘manicured’ wilderness and their passion for botanicals has seen the collection and cultivation of many rare plants.  

The garden features large stands of temperate and subtropical plants, augmented by water features, stonewalling and meandering walkways throughout the garden. The fertile volcanic terrain and subtropical climate of the far north has seen the tremendous growth of many species, resulting in numerous picturesque vistas.

The garden transforms throughout the year, featuring delights within each season. 
In Autumn the scent, reminiscant of ripe apricots, from numerous plantings of Osmanthus fragrans aurantiacus throughout the garden is a sensory delight. There are stunning autumnal displays from the large plantings of LiriodendronsTupeloLiquidambar and Japanese Maples.

In winter magnolia flowers permeate the garden, and spring brings amongst other delights beautiful blossom displays. The vast and breathtaking lotus pond in summer is an outstanding feature of the garden.